The In-house Counsels commission is a unique opportunity for corporate counsels and attorneys from all jurisdictions around the world to come together, exchange and enrich each other on the legal practice, as carried out by and seen from the perspective of both in-house counsels and attorneys, with an aim to develop our collaboration.

We acknowledge that corporate counsels and attorneys are part of the same legal profession, may work or may have worked in both roles and interact on a regular basis, even though sometimes by taking different approaches. Therefore, the Working goupis a privileged platform for comparing notes and collaborate on a variety of subject matters of common interest.

Just to cite a few, we may review and discuss about the existing legal professional regulations in relation to the legal privilege, the membership of in-house counsels to bar associations, and a large number of legal practice matters, which can be explored from the point of view of both legal roles, such as, for example, M&A, contractual matters, regulatory matters, artificial intelligence tools, best practices, organization of and relations between law firms and legal departments, and much more.

The commission is a fantastic opportunity for networking and may also be the promoter of new initiatives of interest for both the in-house counsels and the attorneys.

The In-house Counsels commission is pleased to invite you to join us as active members, become speakers at Congresses, seminars or training sessions, to make it grow and be successful.

The commission is at your disposal to provide further information about its activities.

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