Partner's Event | 16.05.2024

Paris, City of Law

In a global world that has become multilateral, the rule of law is an essential factor in the security of international trade. States have quickly realised the importance of the law for their policy of influence and for securing their investments. In this new game of legal attractiveness, France is in a leading position, offering a legal framework that is both secure and competitive for French and foreign companies. The efficiency and independence of its institutions, combined with the cultural and technical diversity of its legal population, form the basis of a genuine French exception among international legal centres.

As a promoter and defender of this uniqueness, Paris Place de Droit unites the large business law community around a common ambition: to make Paris the legal centre of the global economy.

Intellectuals, practitioners, judges… we are working to strengthen the dynamics to make our market an attractive place for investors as well as for the actors of international trade. We are the heirs of a legal tradition that is universal and open to the world.

We are working to confirm Paris as the natural place for all global economic players to do business, litigate or establish their headquarters.

Paris has always been open to the world. Today, the combination of its international chambers of the Court of Appeal and the Commercial Court, its leading arbitration centre, its large and active international bar association and the high concentration of multinationals’ decision-making centres make Paris a leading legal centre in the economic concert of nations.