Prize | 15.06.2024

UIA/LexisNexis Inspiration LegalTech Award 2024

Because innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization, the UIA and LexisNexis are attributing an annual UIA/LexisNexis LegalTech Inspiration Award in order to encourage innovation in the legal field and reward the organizations or individuals that bring new ideas to the legal world which change lawyers’ outlook, practice or working methods.

This is a purely symbolic prize, without any financial endowment, that is aimed at publicly acknowledging and publicising the award-recipients for their ideas and actions. It will be awarded once a year and the third edition will take place in the last quarter of 2024.


Nominations can be submitted until 15 juin 2024 with the official nomination form in one of the three UIA working languages (English, French or Spanish) in Word Format. Incomplete forms, forms submitted beyond the deadline or forms that do not fulfill the requirements outlined below shall not be considered.

All the nominees must have made significant and recent contribution to innovation, either:

  • Legal Tech Companies: for the development of a tool with a high impact on the legal system or legal practice which has contributed to (or has the potential to) transform the sector.
  • Law Firms: for embracing innovation and developing innovative actions like legal tech developments, new services, etc.

Emphasis should generally be on the nominee’s recent work.


  • Degree of innovation
  • Practical impact on the innovator and their clients
  • Economic aspects (cost, time and process)
  • Environmental aspects (energy efficiency, sustainability)

In all cases, the nominations must reflect the UIA’s values and goals (cf. Art. 2 and 3 of UIA’s Statutes).

A nominee whose application was submitted in a previous year may again be submitted, making sure to add any additional and updated information important for this year’s consideration. A nominee cannot receive the Award.


All complete nomination forms received by the provided deadline shall be examined by a Nomination Committee consisting of the:

-UIA President
-Revenue Director
-Director of the Digital Strategy
-Coordinator of UIAdvance Law Firm Programme
-President of the UIA Future of the Lawyer Commission
-President of the UIA Management of Law Firms Commission
-President of the UIA IT Law Commission
-Two technology leaders from our partner LexisNexis

The Nomination Committee, in its sole discretion, may seek additional information with respect to any or all nominees.

The nominator will be informed of decisions made with respect to his/her/its nominee.


The UIA/LexisNexis LegalTech Inspiration Award shall be given to the recipient or his/her/its representative by UIA and LexisNexis representatives, at a UIA event, the date and time of which is to be determined each year.

By accepting the Award, the winner authorizes UIA and LexisNexis to use his/her/its name, statements made relating to the Award, photographs and videos of the Award ceremony, and other likenesses of the winner for promotional purposes without further compensation, except where prohibited by law.